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The Phantom of the Opera
Trapalh+¦es na Terra dos Monstros, Os
Asterix and the Big Fight
Ute Lemper: A Concert from the 1989 Bath International Festival
Puppet Master
Naci+¦n clandestina, La
Heat in the Night
Sword of Bushido
Faca de Dois Gumes
Grande Mentecapto, O
Diva futura
The Karate Kid, Part III
Casualties of War
We're No Angels
Kamen Raid+ó Burakku: Onigajima he ky++k+¦ seyo!
Babaeng nawawala sa sarili, Ang
Stanley & Iris
Aje aje bara aje
American Angels: Baptism of Blood
Silver Tongue and Hot Rod
Huang jia shi jie zhi IV: Zhi ji zheng ren
Maine Pyar Kiya
The Dead Pit
Metallica: 2 of One
Che ora +¿?
The Return of Swamp Thing
"Tales from the Crypt" The Man Who Was Death
Maschera del demonio, La
Brotherhood of the Rose
"Don't Tell Me"
Pornoj+ñger - Eine Hatz zwischen Lust und Politik, Der
Ehad Mishelanu
The Package
Pan Jin Lian zhi qian shi jin sheng
L.A. Takedown
Triumph of the Spirit
The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean
Rhythm Nation 1814
DeepStar Six
Liu mang chai po
Histoire(s) du cin+¬ma: Une histoire seule
Look Who's Talking
A Princesa Xuxa e os Trapalh+¦es
Columbo: Columbo Goes to the Guillotine
Kumo no y+¦ni, kaze no y+¦ni
The Wizard
"Red Dwarf" The Last Day
Santa sangre
Last Exit to Brooklyn
Paganini Horror
The Invisible Girl
The Simpsons: Family Therapy
My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown
"H+¬ritage de la chouette, L'"
Si te dicen que cai
Eat a Bowl of Tea
Roger & Me
I ragazzi di via Panisperna
Crying Freeman 2: F++sei kakurei
Pornoj+ñger - Eine Hatz zwischen Lust und Politik, Der
The Final Days
Quantum Leap
Esh Tzolevet
Try This One for Size
Sleeping Beauty Aroused
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Breast
1989 Modernidad barbara
Turner & Hooch
"Agatha Christie: Poirot" The King of Clubs
The Abyss
"Alien Nation"
The Karate Kid, Part III
Beware: Children at Play
See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Ostatni dzwonek
The Final Days
The Simpsons
Grande Mentecapto, O
To the Limit
50 Years of Television: A Golden Celebration
Saint Seiya: Saish++seisen no senshitachi
"Bangkok Hilton"
Trop belle pour toi
January Man
Tango & Cash
Henry V
How Hitler Lost the War
El nino de la luna