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Tarzan and the Lost Safari
The Hunters
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend
Three Days to Live
Saeta del ruisenor
The Story of Anyburg U.S.A.
Portuguese Men of the Sea
Designing Woman
Kuroi kawa
Z++rcher Verlobung, Die
Fjols til fjells
Fjols til fjells
Don Kikhot
The Big Land
The Brain from Planet Arous
Robo, El
The Spirit of St. Louis
The Curse of Frankenstein
"The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour"
Theia ap' to Chicago, I
Marisa la civetta
Moskau 1957
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Don Kikhot
A Face in the Crowd
The Guns of Fort Petticoat
Kaidan Honjo nanfushigi
Ride Out for Revenge
Battle Hell
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Beine von Dolores, Die
Boy on a Dolphin
Hellcats of the Navy
The Automatic Radio Compass: Part II
Island in the Sun
Feathers in the Wind
The Ride Back
"The Galen Drake Show"
The Oklahoman
The Giant Claw
Young and Dangerous
+Ültimo cupl+¬, El
Boy on a Dolphin
Let's Be Happy
Voodoo Island
Jeanne Eagels
Les Girls
Crime of Passion
Tomahawk Trail
Raintree County
The Deadly Mantis
Legend of the Lost
Boyhood Daze
Funny Face
Old Yeller
Toto, Vittorio e la dottoressa
Kaidan Honjo nanfushigi
Tikhiy Don
The Bachelor Party
Sorci+¿res de Salem, Les
Une parisienne
Monkey on My Back
Pal Joey
Skola otcu
Nonna Sabella, La
"Suspicion" Four O'Clock
The Naked Truth
Decision at Sundown
Doctor at Large
Voodoo Woman
The Seventh Sin
The Tall T
Poveri ma belli
The Ride Back
All Mine to Give
12 Angry Men
Belle ma povere
Kiss Them for Me
"Leave It to Beaver"
The Vicious Circle
Reproduction interdite
Barnacle Bill
Top Secret Affair
Tammy and the Bachelor
3:10 to Yuma
Homme + l'imperm+¬able, L'
Kill Me Tomorrow
Reproduction interdite
Il conte Max
Battle Hell
The Automatic Radio Compass: Part II
Silk Stockings