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The Alcalde's Conspiracy
Lady Audley's Secret
The Redemption of White Hawk
Belle princesse et le marchand, La
Independenta Romaniei
The Irony of Fate
Journey of the Western Governors to the East
Batailles de la vie - +ëpisode 2: Le saboteur, Les
The Adventures of Lieutenant Petrosino
Quaint Sights in Sardinia
The Alaska-Siberian Expedition
Ninth International Red Cross Conference, Washington, D.C., May 7-17, 1912
Grand Harlequinade
Alkali Ike Stung!
The Great Ocean Disaster; or, The Fire at Sea
Alkali Ike's Pants
Dramatique passion d'Algabert et d'+ëlisabeth de Rodembourg, La
D++dsspring til hest fra cirkuskuplen
Cow Land
The Sunbeam
Indian Romeo and Juliet
Richard III
Mest kinematograficheskogo operatora
Alkali Ike's Motorcycle
The Invaders
Algy the Watchman
At Scrogginses' Corner
The New York Hat
An Interrupted Elopement
The Road to Yesterday; or, Memories of Patio Days
The One She Loved
The Invaders
All for Her
Western Girls
The Ring of a Spanish Grandee
Pat's Day Off
Dr. Brian Pellie Escapes from Prison
Habla Carpentier... sobre La Habana
Hemligt gifterm+Ñl, Ett
Her Indian Hero
The Girl and Her Trust
Bandits en automobile - +ëpisode 2: Hors-la-loi
The Mexican's Love Affair
Agaton och Fina
Quaint Sights in Sardinia
The Escape from Bondage
Batailles de la vie - +ëpisode 1: Aux feux de la rampe, Les
The Musketeers of Pig Alley
The Female of the Species
Along the River Nile
The Little Wooden Soldier
Zweimal gelebt
A Double Reward
The New Member of the Life Saving Crew
Napatia, the Greek Singer
A Cry for Help
While the Cook Slept
Alkali Ike's Close Shave
The Servant Problem; or, How Mr. Bullington Ran the House
Bunny at the Derby
Alkali Ike's Love Affair
Mrs. Matthews, Dressmaker
Lottery Ticket Number 13
Alkali Ike Bests Broncho Billy
Dramatique passion d'Algabert et d'+ëlisabeth de Rodembourg, La
Batailles de la vie - +ëpisode 3: Le testament, Les
Rush Hours in New York
The House of His Master
Grand Harlequinade
Mother's Day Out
The Painted Lady
The Sunbeam
The Girl from Golden Run
Gerald's Butterfly
Criminel malgr+¬ lui
Wrongly Accused
Marocco en het Vreemdelingenlegioen
Mrs. Matthews, Dressmaker
Garibaldi a Marsala
Something Wrong with Bessie
Zweimal gelebt
Two Men and a Girl
Alkali Ike's Love Affair
The Lost Address
Bandits en automobile - +ëpisode 1: La bande de l'auto grise
What Happened to Mary?
Batailles de la vie - +ëpisode 5: Haine au music-hall, Les
For +àbent T+ªppe
La dame aux camelias
All for Her
Bigorno fait son caf+¬